Jun 292011

Evil Hat Productions Announces ‘Race to Adventure’ Board Game
Double 2011 Origins Award Winner Moves Beyond RPGs with Family Adventure Game

SILVER SPRING, Maryland — June 29, 2011 — Building on the momentum of its two 2011 Origins Awards, Evil Hat Productions, LLC, today announced an agreement to produce, publish and distribute a tabletop board game that will expand the company’s reach beyond the roleplaying genre. Race to Adventure: The Spirit of the Century Exploration Game, designed by Evan Denbaum, E.K. Lytle and Christopher Ruggiero, is an easy-to-learn pulp adventure game based in the Spirit of the Century universe. The richly themed “action-selection” game can be played in as few as 20 minutes, and its variable setup and levels of depth allow for infinite replayability.

“We wanted our first foray into board games to be highly accessible and fun, while taking advantage of the intellectual property Evil Hat has cultivated during the past few years,” said Evil Hat Co-President Fred Hicks. “What I love about Race to Adventure is it can serve as an entry point for younger and casual gamers into the ‘action-selection’ genre while also having ample strategy to appeal to a wide range of players.”

Race to Adventure: The Spirit of the Century Exploration Game is scheduled for a late 2011/early 2012 release. It will be a heroic companion-piece to the much-anticipated Zeppelin Armada combat card game by veteran game designer Jeff Tidball, targeting a similar release timeframe. Like Race to Adventure, Zeppelin Armada will also feature characters from the Spirit of the Century universe.

“This is just the start of what you can expect to see from Evil Hat in the months to come,” said Hicks. “The time is right to move into board and card games, and we’ll be leveraging our roleplaying game catalog as complementary tie-ins to those games. Together, they’ll create a gaming experience greater than the sum of its parts. Our motto is ‘passion makes the best games’ and you’re going to feel that passion poured into our upcoming offerings.”

For more information about Evil Hat Productions, visit www.evilhat.com/.

About Race to Adventure: The Spirit of the Century Exploration Game

Each year, a worldwide scavenger hunt brings together daring adventurers from all parts of the globe—members of the famed Century Club. Their journey is filled with danger, excitement and wonder as players race to be the first to complete every mission, stamp their passport as proof in every location and cross the Empire State Building finish line first. Snatch a golden eagle egg from a Himalayan mountain peak, escape the Mummy King, rescue a prisoner from Atlantis and much more in this family adventure game playable in as few as 20 minutes!

About Evil Hat Productions

Evil Hat Productions believes that passion makes the best games. It is this passion for gaming that raised Evil Hat to its acclaimed position in the RPG community. Our games can be used to build the best kinds of role-playing experiences—full of laughter, storytelling and memorable moments. Today we don’t just run games, we don’t just make them, we work with you to make your play the best it can be—the kind that upholds and gives birth to passions of your own. That’s the Evil Hat mission, and we’re happy to have you along on it.

Since its inception, Evil Hat has won accolades ranging from the Indie RPG Awards, the Golden Geeks, the ENnies and the Origins Awards, most recently claiming the Origins Awards for both Best Roleplaying Game (The Dresden Files RPG: Your Story) and Best Roleplaying Game Supplement (The Dresden Files: Our World).

Press contact:
Fred Hicks
Email: feedback@evilhat.com
Website: http://www.evilhat.com


Jun 012010

In the comments on an earlier post, “qasbah” asked:

I’m planning to go to Origins Con.. Any advice on things to look for from a wannabe game designer perspective, or for the con itself?

That’s a good question. What’s your answer?

Mar 032010

I’ve got to beg out from this week of posting as well. Last week was extra heavy with Dresden Files work leading up to the Alliance press release (among other things), and this week is chock full of similar activities (as well as some light anxiety about possible imminent travel).  But there are a few things I want to note quickly.

Evil Hat’s PDFs are 25% Off At DriveThru

The GM’s Day sale starts today and runs for 4 days past it.  Stuff which is on sale is 25% off, and that includes all of Evil Hat’s stuff. Well worth checking out the sale — tons of publishers have weighed in.  The site’s running a little bit slow, though; I’m wondering if they’re getting hit with huge traffic.  Just remember, this “GM’s Day” event is 5 days long, so you’ve got some breathing room.

Origins Game Submissions from Evil Hat Volunteer GMs

We got a ton of volunteer sessions onto the books for Origins 2010.  Most of them are Dresden Files RPG events.  You should head on over to the Dresden Files RPG website and give it a look.

Oh Yeah, That Alliance Thing

Evil Hat got in bed with a distributor last week and that included getting specific about the Dresden Files RPG’s pricing and cover art (don’t forget you can already find out what makes up the mammoth page count already).  Normally this is something I’d be posting about at length, but, well, see the above. I definitely have great plans and intentions to get into the details of it (as I always do), I’m just pressed for time this week/month.  It’s coming, though!