Jun 192011

Come Tuesday, I will be bound for Origins 2011. I’m trying something radically new there this year.

I’m not going as a publisher.

That’s not strictly true, of course. I’m going to check out the Origins Awards and hope for (but not expect) a win, and that’s an undeniably publisherish thing for me to do. I’ll meet a few people for business purposes, and I’ll be carrying around my Zeppelin Armada prototype deck for playtesting (if you see me and I’m available, feel free to ask to play).

But when it comes down to it, in the last 5 years of gaming conventions — which is most of the span of time I’ve done gaming conventions outside of AmberCon Northwest — I’ve rarely gone just as a “civilian”. This will definitely be my first Big Convention without a booth concern. (You’ll find Evil Hat’s stuff represented at the Indie Press Revolution booth.)

I’d say I’ll hardly know what to do with myself, but that’s a lie. I intend to:

  • Eat at the many fine eateries of Columbus, Ohio
  • Try to restrain myself from eating my body weight in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
  • Talk with all those lovely people I haven’t seen in ages, and even some of those who I have: Rob Donoghue, Chris Hanrahan, Leonard Balsera, Amanda & Clark Valentine, Matt Gandy, Jeremy Keller, Cam Banks, and more (if I leave you off the list, it is for brevity, not lack of desire!)
  • Drink while doing so
  • Spend some serious time in the Board Room
  • Hit up the Games on Demand area (though at 5 tables only in Delaware A, that may get crowded!)

I’m approaching all this in a vigorously ad hoc fashion, but I also don’t want to get to the end of it with an “aw, damn, I really meant to talk to…” feeling. So please track me down, or holler in the comments here if you’re looking for a slice of my time!

Jun 152011

Hero Games and IPR will be at GenCon, regardless of how some folks are interpreting the GenCon map (which didn’t differentiate the innards of the GPA booth block). IPR will be representing Evil Hat’s products at GenCon. (IPR will also be how you’ll find Evil Hat’s stuff at Origins, which I’ll be at next week!)

As to the details of GenCon, I’ll go ahead and quote Darren Watts:

Hey guys! Both Hero Games and IPR will be part of the Game Publishers Association block (booths 412-413). The list currently published doesn’t seem to have any of the GPA members listed separately on it yet- hopefully that’ll get fixed shortly. Evil Hat won’t have its own booth, but will be prominently featured in the IPR one, especially with Do: The Flying Temple making its con debut there (and Star Hero in Hero’s, plug plug!)

And in general, if you’re not sure about something involving Evil Hat in the future, please come right to the source and ask. I’m not hard to find!

Jan 082010

Short post today.

I was looking at Chad Underkoffler talking about whether or not to go to Dreamation this year, and it reminded me of my perspective on conventions in general.  Since I’m both a publisher and a hobbyist, conventions are always composed of some mix of selling (and buying), talking (networking), and playing.  The question, then, when I consider whether to attend a convention is what that convention does best, and whether or not I’m already getting that “best thing” itch scratched by some other convention that year. If I have limited ability to attend multiple conventions, it also becomes a game of prioritizing those three activities and choosing the one or two that get to “win” that year.

In my own personal constellation of conventions, this boils down to a choice among the pros of three specific cons.

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