Nov 062010

If you’re in the DC area and would like to help Evil Hat assemble its order of Wizard Fudge Dice (now up for preorder), we’d love to have you!

We’ll be having the “party” (labor collective!) on Saturday, November 20th starting at 2pm and running until “whenever”.

We’ve got about 2000 sets to assemble, and it takes about an hour for 1 person to pack up 100 of them, so that’s 20 man-hours of effort to fill. We figure the more, the quicker, so do come on over any time between 2 and 6pm. We will likely carry on past 6pm, but we figure that’s about the latest someone can show up and us still be in the process of working on the assembling (fingers crossed).

To thank the folks who help we’ll be offering free pizza, free dice, and a few mystery prizes from Fred’s shelves-full-o’-comps. Please bring clean hands, a willingness to work, and your beverage of choice. Also bring any games you’d like to play in the after-assembly wind-down part of the evening. Rob Donoghue and Fred Hicks from Evil Hat will be there, so if you want them to scrawl messily on your books and thereby add or subtract whole pennies from their eBay resale value, don’t hesitate to bring that stuff too!

If you are interested in coming, please let us know (so we can get a headcount for the pizza and so we can tell you how to get to Fred’s house in Hillandale, Maryland). Drop a line in email to evilhat [at] that there gmail thing to let us know. Instructions will (eventually) follow!

Mar 032010

I’ve got to beg out from this week of posting as well. Last week was extra heavy with Dresden Files work leading up to the Alliance press release (among other things), and this week is chock full of similar activities (as well as some light anxiety about possible imminent travel).  But there are a few things I want to note quickly.

Evil Hat’s PDFs are 25% Off At DriveThru

The GM’s Day sale starts today and runs for 4 days past it.  Stuff which is on sale is 25% off, and that includes all of Evil Hat’s stuff. Well worth checking out the sale — tons of publishers have weighed in.  The site’s running a little bit slow, though; I’m wondering if they’re getting hit with huge traffic.  Just remember, this “GM’s Day” event is 5 days long, so you’ve got some breathing room.

Origins Game Submissions from Evil Hat Volunteer GMs

We got a ton of volunteer sessions onto the books for Origins 2010.  Most of them are Dresden Files RPG events.  You should head on over to the Dresden Files RPG website and give it a look.

Oh Yeah, That Alliance Thing

Evil Hat got in bed with a distributor last week and that included getting specific about the Dresden Files RPG’s pricing and cover art (don’t forget you can already find out what makes up the mammoth page count already).  Normally this is something I’d be posting about at length, but, well, see the above. I definitely have great plans and intentions to get into the details of it (as I always do), I’m just pressed for time this week/month.  It’s coming, though!

Dec 152009

I tend to leave my Tuesdays and Thursdays blank on Deadly Fredly; it doesn’t look like I have it in me to post daily, at least not yet. Need to get those creaky-tired muscles operational again, and need to leave time for stuff that isn’t blogging. You know, the stuff that gets me paid.  As such you’ll see me occasionally fill these days with really short posts-of-the-moment, while the Monday/Wednesday/Friday stuff gets some greater length and forethought.

Today I push two things at you that deserve your money, and which may well work as excellent, cheap, last minute gifts.

I’ll likely return to these subjects again in later posts, but for now, I’m focusing solely on putting them out there and getting your eyeballs on ’em.

Jennifer Rodgers’ Etsy Store: Jennifer is one of my favorite people and a very talented artist. When it turned out that we wanted to go for color in the Dresden Files RPG instead of our original notions of a black and white book, Jennifer’s the first artist I thought of, and with good reason: she has an incredible eye for color, and her art trends towards the twisted, supernatural, and dark. All good things in my book, and she did not disappoint with the DF work.  Her Etsy store features gift cards and the occasional print or other art object. Anyway: Give her your dollars, stat, via her store!

Josh Roby’s Rooksbridge: Josh has designed some great games that bang around in the “indie” scene — Full Light, Full Steam and Sons of Liberty to name two.  But so what? He has clearly missed, and now hopefully found, his calling as a fiction writer. Rooksbridge is his venture into this, publishing a series of interlinked but free-standing short stories set in a fantasy world that’s a lot of dirt and politics and a little bit of magic. Sort of like an episodic fantasy TV show in text form. Really solid stuff. I’m still reading through the stories, but I was taken with the free-in-PDF story Dirty Work and I think you will be, too. (I’m less taken with the audio versions of the fiction so far but there’s a lot that goes into whether or not that presentation will click for an individual. For my taset I’d rather Josh focus on the text alone.) The rest of the Rooksbridge stories can be bought cheaply, which makes them perfect stocking stuffers in an age when stockings can be virtual and your friends and family are scattered all over creation. Take a few minutes to become part of the Rooksbridge audience — if not as a holiday present to you or family and friends, then as a present to Josh for the work he’s doing here. It’s worth noting (and perhaps legally mandated) that I mention that I got my hands on the Rooksbridge stories for free via Josh, but there’s no way in hell I’d be talking about them if they hadn’t punched my buttons.