Oct 312013

If you’re looking for the panels I will be on at Metatopia, that’s in this other post.

Outside of the panels, what I haveĀ scheduled is:

Friday, 2pm-4pm: Iron Edda playtest.

Saturday, 6pm-8pm: Boneyard playtest.

Sunday, 10am-1pm: Timewatch playtest.

That’s it! Together with my panels it still means I have plenty to do, but I’m going to have a lot of big gaps in my schedule too. I expect to use these to hit panels of interest (there’s a ton of them), grab meals, have conversations with folks, and do some off-book demoing (both of Evil Hat things like our upcoming Don’t Rest Your Head themed board game Don’t Turn Your Back, and other folks’ stuff).

Importantly, Rob Donoghue invites anyone who gets up at that hour to join him for breakfast each morning at Metatopia. So if you’re not planning on sleeping in, make sure this is on your radar.

If you are hoping to get a few minutes of my time, make sure I know it! You can either comment on this post or use the “contact” form here on the site.


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  1. I hope to get a chance just to meet you and perhaps get you to sign my copy of Fate Core.

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