Apr 062013

Credit goes all to my wife for this one.

Set rack 6 inches from broiler and turn you oven to high broil.

Wash asparagus and pat dry, snap off the bottoms.

Then toss in extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

Arrange on a cookie sheet (we cover with foil for easy clean up).

Broil for 5 minutes, then flip/stir them on the pan (shake it back and forth to get them to settle semi-evenly afterwards).

Then broil for another 3-5 more minutes depending on thickness.

You want some toasty brown edges, but not too much/too dark.

Plate ’em up and start eating. They won’t last long.


  One Response to “Roasted Asparagus That I Want To Eat Like French Fries”

  1. A balsamic or pomegranate reduction on top is also quite nice, I make this frequently for Thanksgiving and pretty much any other time that I’m wanting to transform in to Stinky Pee Man.

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