Nov 022011

Metatopia is this weekend!

I’ll be there, running my mouth on panels and hopefully helping a few people test their stuff.

Here’s my schedule as I currently understand it; stuff with asterisks indicates that I haven’t confirmed it as actually on my schedule yet.

Friday 9pm-10pm – D021 (Resource Management – nuts & bolts of putting together your resources for manufacturing a RPG)
Friday 10pm-11pm – F025 (Sojourn focus group)
Friday 11pm-midnight – D028 (Remixology Panel – using existing rulesets)
Friday midnight-2am – D034 (Surviving Success panel – discussing how to keep success from overwhelming you)

Saturday 9am-11am – R050 (Project Ninja Panda Taco playtest)
Saturday, 11:00AM – 2:00PM – R064 (Fortune Cookie Kung Fu)
Saturday, 2pm-3pm – D074 (An Introduction to Kickstarter)
Saturday, 3pm-5pm – D084 (Game Design Roundtable)
Saturday, 5pm-7pm – D090 (Independent Gaming Roundtable)
Saturday 8pm-midnight – R106 (Hyperreality)

Sunday, 12:00PM – 1:00PM, T149 (Video Session of “Fortune Cookie Kung Fu”)

Obviously, Saturday is my big long march of a day. Friday starts late, intentionally; I intend to arrive earlier in the day, but having several hours to get my bearings and talk with people is important. Sunday’s been left largely open, so I can depart any time I care to in the afternoon, but also so I can get to the conversations I couldn’t have on Saturday and failed to have on Friday.

Resource Management is a panel where we’ll be giving advice and answering questions about the financial & logistical nuts and bolts of getting your game put together.

Sojourn I have no read on yet; it’s a focus group, which means we’ll hear an idea and give some directed feedback on what we think of it, and how it might be improved.

Remixology is a panel where we’ll be talking about game design using someone else’s game system. I’m sure Fate will come up, but I sure hope we’ll be talking about lots of other options as well (Apocalypse World, d20, etc). It’s a pity John Harper won’t be out for that one, as he’s the master of the remixology form, as shown in Lady Blackbird.

Surviving Success is a panel that might well be titled surviving this fucking schedule, since it starts at midnight! I’ll be running this panel, talking about the whole “So, you published a game, and it’s a hit — how do you keep that from overwhelming you?” thing. I sometimes think the real work of publishing starts after you’ve gotten your game out the gate and into the world, and this panel will be an opportunity to examine and discuss that phase.

Project Ninja Panda Taco. I have said all I need to say there, other than to observe that you should be listening to the Jennisodes if you’re not already. Given that I’m scheduled until 2am the previous night, I must really like Jenn to be getting my ass operational by 9! (Spoiler alert: I really like Jenn.)

Fortune Cookie Kung Fu brilliantly involves ordering Chinese food as the first step; you create your character from the fortune you get in your cookie. This means that I can have some pretty nonstop schedule action and still have a bite to eat at a few key points in my schedule! I’ve gotten signed up to two sessions of this, but, hey — food. 🙂

I don’t really need An Introduction to Kickstarter, but they’re sending an actual person from Kickstarter to the con, and I’m curious to see what their presentation is like.

Game Design Roundtable is the usual Dreamation/Dexcon finisher, only this is Metatopia, so it’s positioned right smack in the middle, and it’s being run by Kenneth Hite. Metatopia does not dick around.

Independent Gaming Roundtable will cover indie games and gamers present and past, with Darren Watts of IPR leading.

Hyperreality is from Dice, Food, Lodging podcaster Tim Rodriguez. Tim has very interesting ideas. I’m hoping I can get a faceful of this one.


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