Jun 152011

Hero Games and IPR will be at GenCon, regardless of how some folks are interpreting the GenCon map (which didn’t differentiate the innards of the GPA booth block). IPR will be representing Evil Hat’s products at GenCon. (IPR will also be how you’ll find Evil Hat’s stuff at Origins, which I’ll be at next week!)

As to the details of GenCon, I’ll go ahead and quote Darren Watts:

Hey guys! Both Hero Games and IPR will be part of the Game Publishers Association block (booths 412-413). The list currently published doesn’t seem to have any of the GPA members listed separately on it yet- hopefully that’ll get fixed shortly. Evil Hat won’t have its own booth, but will be prominently featured in the IPR one, especially with Do: The Flying Temple making its con debut there (and Star Hero in Hero’s, plug plug!)

And in general, if you’re not sure about something involving Evil Hat in the future, please come right to the source and ask. I’m not hard to find!


  5 Responses to “Rumor Quashing”

  1. 412-413? The booth is split with an aisle down the middle?

    Thank you very much for the update.

    I have marked that area in RED on my GenCon map. (“Extreme econohazard: enter at own risk.”)

  2. 412 and 413 are going to contain all of the GPA block subcomponents: the showcase, IPR, Hero Games, possibly others. So I’d expect a split down the aisle but it’ll look like a number of smaller discrete unsplit booths. 🙂

  3. I am just now researching how the RPG stuff at GenCon works, but I was curious: I looked over the program expecting to find some Evil Hat stuff in the gaming, and was surprised not to see any. Was this by choice? And if so was it EH’s or GC’s choice?
    (And is there anything I can do aside from buying and wearing a DRYH tote bag to increase presence?)

    • Far as I know, there are people running games at GenCon, but since Evil Hat doesn’t have an official presence at the show (beyond being represented by IPR), there’s no push to invest the time (especially w/ me having a newborn and 2 year old and publishing company to look after) to get stuff under any kind of official banner on the schedule. I also believe much of the EHP product action is going to occur at Games On Demand.

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