May 132011

This is a quick follow-up to the very helpful crowdstorming post from before about the Evil Hat logo. If you’re looking for the reasoning for the change, you’ll find it there.

After the back and forth about the font choices towards the end there, I went “internal” and talked over the issues with Chris Hanrahan of Endgame. We worked through a few more iterations and eventually landed on what you’ll see below — using Penumbra Sans Bold, a font that has just enough personality to make me happy while still giving a nice, professional feel. As Chris said to me during these chats, “In this most recent version, I think I see not a redesign of the EHP logo, but a maturing of the brand,” and that’s exactly the kind of upgrade I was looking for.

I thought you might want a look. 🙂 It’ll be a while before we can get our website updated with the new dress, but you will see the new logo on our new stuff, starting with Do.


This is all the same logo, just shown on light and dark backgrounds, as well as in its black and white only presentation.)


  14 Responses to “Evolving the Look of the Brand: Conclusion”

  1. Love the new logo. I think it seems even more sinister than the toothed look did. It’s all in that hat-band smile…

  2. I am super fond of the middle one, with the white outlines. Awesome work, Fred!

  3. Looks great. I think it’s a great evolution without disconnect. Kudos.

  4. Looks good on ya.

    — Ben

  5. Why do you use the same color scheme as the Nazis? 😉

    Looks great!

  6. I like it! I think I’d like it even better if the hat could be flipped left-right, so that it sat on the word “hat.”

  7. I like it Fred. Personally think it looks best on the black back, but it works well in all 3 variations.

  8. Thank goodness you didn’t go with the venture brothers font!! The final result looks quite nice.

    Now to get a few evil hats made to wear at conventions…

  9. LOVE IT! Perfection!

  10. Pretty cool, Fred!
    Not too keen on the middle one (strokes in general make me nervous) but top and bottom are ace!

    Have you guys tried inverting the logo to use it on a dark background?
    Meaning, white hat and type, red eyes, black “teeth”.

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