Sep 282010

Echoing this over from Twitter: ask me any question about Evil Hat, and I will give you a short answer to the best extent that I can. I’ll try to do a wrap up compilation post later this week.


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  1. Luke and I were discussing how to go about selling our books to retailers. We wondered what the average “to FLGS” price was as a percentage of the MSRP.

    And then you tweeted about Transparency Tuesday, which provided an excellent avenue for that question. 🙂

    Can you give us some insight into how you price that? And more importantly (or more interestingly) why?

    Thanks, Fred!

    • Depending on their standing with their distributors, and the discount publishers sell their stuff to the distro, I believe retailers pay between 50 and 60% of the cover price. IPR’s retailers typically pay 56% for example. If you’re planning on selling direct to retailers, no distro, be prepared for only a few retailers being interested in that sort of thing, and to target a discount of about 50% for them… And have an answer ready if they ask how much they need to order in order to get free shipping. If you are planning to sell to distro, expect to discount between 56 and 60% off for the distributor. In general I recommend trying to get your costs such that you’re paying 20 to 25% at most per unit of your cover price, in order to make entry into these sales channels possible without eliminating all profit potential. 🙂

    • Sweet!

      Thanks for the insight.

  2. I’d love to see your countdown, disaster-game thing come out. Sounds fun. Is it in the pipeline?

  3. I know that it’s no longer tuesday, but do you have a cup of sugar I could borrow?

  4. What’s the status of a generic/toolkit Fate 3.0 book?

    • Do we really need one? I mean, sure, I’d probably buy one, and croon over it like some Tolkeinesque goblin-creature, but the nice thing about FATE is that it is not a dogmatic religion; it suggests a simple set of core mechanics that lend themselves very well toward good storytelling, cool characters, and a good time in general, but encourages us to twist things as we see fit. When I look at my FATE collection, the ‘core mechanics’ sections are relatively small, and the rest tends to be interesting mechanics for special cases, suggested material for stunts, skill trappings, and on the art of GMing, and on shaping game feel.

      If you’re just looking for the nuts and bolts, it’s up on the EvilHat wiki. If you’re asking for a list of interesting mechanics to consider when planning a game – that I kind of get, but I suspect that the most excellent ‘feel’ hacks are difficult to separate from a game.

    • It’s in long-term development (we had it on a short-term track but found that we had some deeper thinking and development work that we wanted to do with it). So: active, but not imminent.

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