Feb 152010

I’m going to try to talk food three times this week.  It’s going to be light on words, unless there’s a recipe for me to offer in-post, but hey, you’ve got some eating to do.

First up is my new favorite dinner. It is not healthy, but it is good: Chicken Lazone.

Here’s the recipe – http://www.recipezaar.com/Chicken-Lazone-65768

Read it. It’ll take you about a minute, because it’s that easy.  It’s also ridiculously tasty, in a way that you wouldn’t expect just from reading the ingredients, especially for those who love Cajun food.

At the risk of repeating my tweets, some quick notes:

  • Your choice of chili powder makes a difference. We use Penzey’s, medium hot.  If that doesn’t supply enough heat for you, toss in as much cayenne as you care to endure.
  • Depending on the amount of chicken, we often increase — even double — the spice mixture. The key is to make sure that the spices are COATING each piece of chicken.  You’ll see some of that in the images below.
  • We also increase the amount of cream proportionately to the spices in the interests of making a proper amount of sauce with the flavor all suffused and whatnot.
  • My wife says you could leave out half the butter if you wanted to, but why would you do this?

Now, the food porn.


  12 Responses to “Chicken Lazone”

  1. guh. drool. gibber.

  2. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

    I’m on that like….

    …well, like Penzey’s chili powder on a chicken breast, apparently.

  3. Two more tips :
    *If the chicken breasts are particularly thick, I tend to slice them in half so you have two thinner breast pieces. Both to ensure you have more surface area for the tasty tasty spices to stick to, and to ensure the breasts cook in the allotted time period. It would be a sad thing if the tasty tasty spices started to burn.

    * Also in the interest of not burning – if you have more chicken than can comfortably fit in a single layer of a pan, use a second pan for the rest of the chicken. Doing it in two batches in the same pan risks the spice crust burning.

    And in conclusion – Yum! Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

  4. I have to wonder if this wouldn’t good with more than just the breasts. Leg, thigh, whatever.

    — c.

    • Don’t know. It’s worked really well with the breasts each time; the dark-meat parts might bring too much additional fat to the party, given all that’s going in from the cream and butter.

  5. What are those green things in the bowl in the last picture? I don’t understand.

  6. This post annoys me. It’s annoying that I can’t reach through the Internet and grab a plate of that RIGHT NOW.

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  8. We tried it last Thursday and it was as delicious as promised.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  10. I made it last week and it was excellent, though I did screw up the couscous and undercooked the asparagus a bit. Still, quite good and my wife appreciated it. I’m going to try the spice mix on popcorn soon….

    One suggestion: you might try a sweet tea brine. I’m now brining pretty much every meat, and frequently marinading fish, when I have the opportunity. It’s not a lot of extra work and it can bring a lot of additional flavor to the meal.

    (yes, I know it’s an old post. I expect Fred still gets notifications.)

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