Jan 202010

So, over at DriveThruRPG, they’ve set up a “donate $20 to Haiti” thing. That’s cool in and of itself. But that’s not where it stops. Because publishers have donated products which you get when you donate. Their total value? $1,481.31.

So that’s somewhere around a “get these products for 99% off!” deal.

You should perhaps take all of us publishers up on that. You’ll get Spirit of the Season from Evil Hat, and a bunch of other products too (several of which I did some or all of the layout on, I’m happy to say).  It’s one of those “you’re insane NOT to spend $20 on this” sort of things, even if you aren’t in the least bit humanitarian in your mindset.

There are so many products on this thing that the bundle’s attempt to alphabetically list them all craps out somewhere late in the letter C.

That’s C, for crazy.

Since the listing craps out, I thought I’d grab the full list of what I got after I made my purchase for the curious. Holy crap! Beast Hunters! Chronica Feudalis! Kerberos Club! Damnation Decade! Three Sixteen! It’s just ridiculous. Buy it.

17 Archer Feats
17 Bard Spells
17 Magic Shields
17 Monk Feats
17 Plants
17 Rogue Feats
43 Space Opera Adventure Seeds – Space Opera Support #6
90 Phenomena in the City of Copenhagen
API Demon Codex: Lochs
API Demon Pack 01
API Worldwide: Canada
Advanced Fleet Designs: Titan Class Scout
Adventurer Essentials: Holy Water
Adventurer Essentials: Rope
Afterpeak Systemless Setting
Albenistan: Election Day (Modern Dispatch 113)
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes (New and Improved)
Barbarians Versus
Basic poker playing cards 1
Beast Hunters RPG
Behind the Monsters: Skeleton
Behind the Spells: Sanctuary
Best of The Rifter
Bits of Darkness: Dungeons
Bits of Magicka: Pocket Items
Blood Games II
Blood of the Innocent: A Savage Worlds mission set in the jungles of Evil
Book of Races
Book of the Faithful: Power of Prayer
Brandy’s by the Bay
Breathe Life Into #1
C&C Arms and Armor
C&C Shadows of the Halfling Hall
COPPER DRAGON: Basic Dungeons 1         5 downloads remaining
Castlemourn Campaign Setting
Character, Hero
Chronica Feudalis
Class options volume II: Paladins Prevail!
Classic Spycraft: Shadowforce Archer Worldbook
Classic Spycraft: Spycraft Espionage Handbook
Colonial Gothic: Secrets
Cortex System Role Playing Game
Counter Collection 4th Edition Paragon 1
Creatures of the Wastelands: A Menagerie of Mutants and Mutations (Revised Edition)
Creatures of the Wastelands: Habitats
Creatures of the Wastelands: The Thrasher Gang
DRAGONSHIRE: City Interiors
Damnation Decade
Dark Raiders of Misty Ridge
Degenerate Seaside Town
Dept. 7 Adv. Class Update: Bar Room Berserker
Dept. 7 Adv. Class Update: Gravity Slinger
Dept. 7 Adv. Class Update: Lucky Bastard
Dept. 7 Adv. Class Update: NeoWitch Guardian
Dept. 7 Adv. Class Update: The Innocent
Dept. 7 Adv. Class Update: The Prince of Doggs
Dept. 7 Adv. Class Update: The S.L.A.M. Soldier
Dept. 7 Technology Update: AAP/CPR Med Kit
Destinations: Spaceport Trident Vespa
Diana: Warrior Princess
Divine Homelands
Divine Quests
Dork Covenant
Earth Space Marines
F-211 Copperhead
Fantastic Maps: The Dragon’s Lair
Fantasy Firearms
Fantasy Women Clipart JPEG 7
For the Love of Dungeons
Forlakh’s Tower – CR 4 D20 Module
Full Light, Full Steam
Future Firearms Pack One
Gravitic Thrust Vehicles
Grumlahk’s Troll Tales
Hollow Earth Expedition Earth Drill
Instant Antagonist: The Selfish Succubus
Interface Zero: Modern20 edition
Items Evolved Rituals
Karma Roleplaying System Core Rules Book
Kiddy counters
Kids, Castles & Caves
Kobold Quarterly 11
Labyrinths & Lycanthropes
Lady’s Rock
Liber Sodalitas: The Dream Healers (Pathfinder edition)
London Fires module A101 for Fellowship of the White Star
MADS Role Playing Game
MARS: Savage Worlds Edition
Magpie Codex 2
Martial Cultures: Arytis
MegaCity Sector Maps
Mini Nuclear Plant
Modern Dispatch (#104): Line Zero
Modern Dispatch 120: Cyber-state Avatar Toolkit
MonkeyGod Presents: From Stone to Steel
MonkeyGod Presents: Frost & Fur
More Mighty Than Steel
NEO MONKS: The Dragonlord
NEO RANGERS: The Spider King
No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides
OSRPG CCG Card Template 1
Objective Interim Modern Combat System
One Shot Adventures! Days of Knights
Open Game Table – The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs, Vol. 1
Piledrivers and Powerbombs: Chokeslam of Darkness Edition
Pimp My Paladin
Police Precinct
Portrait of a Villain – The Desire
Power Pics Heroes 1 -Female Speedster
Power Pics Villains 1 -Male Cyborg
Privateers and Pirates
QAGS Second Edition
Quirin Encounter #3: Healing Device
Quirin Maps #14: Bandit’s Territory
Reign of Discordia (Traveller Edition)
Rise Of a Legend:NEW Issue #1
Roma Imperious
Rugged Adventures
S.C.A.R.E. Vol. 2-Viesca Melin Aella
Scenes of Space Hex Battle Maps
Serenity Role Playing Game
Seven Leagues roleplaying game of Faerie
Shaolin Squirrels : Nuts of Fury
Shrouded Agendas for D&D 4E: The Purifiers
Slivers of Dawn
Special Vehicles
Spirit of the Season
Squirrel Attack! Operation: Get Mr. Jones’ Nuts
Stolen Blood
Summerland Revised and Expanded Edition
Tales of Wyn D’mere Role Playing Game!
Tendril’s Oak Inn
The Black Book
The Black Spot
The Book of Dumb Tables
The Book of The Dead
The Fate of Inglemia – Superlink Edition
The Kerberos Club
The Lazy GM: Lizardfolk
The Lunar Scrolls
The Otherworld
The Squared Circle:Wrestling RPG
The Veggie Patch
Thousand Suns: Foundation Transmissions
Thousand Suns: Transmissions from Piper
Threat Record Vol. I, Issue #2
Three Sixteen
Thrilling Tales 2nd Edition (Savage Worlds)
Torn Apart by Radiation Wraiths
Trail of Cthulhu Player’s Guide
Treasure Chests: Volume 2
Turris Lemurum : Tower of Ghosts
Unorthodox Sorcerers
Valherjar: The Chosen Slain Core Rulebook
Vampire Castle
WorldWorksGames / Deadly Encounters Combo
WorldWorksGames / DungeonLinX: Dragon God
WorldWorksGames / Uncharted Space: Sathrican Homeworld
WorldWorksGames / UrbanMayhem: Streets of Mayhem
WorldWorksGames / Wormhole
Wyrd of Questhaven (PFRPG)
Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Bytes: The Anthology
[PFRPG] GM’s Aid VII: Condition Cards – Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Edition
[PFRPG] Loot 4 Less Vol. 1: Armor and Weapons
[PFRPG] The Book of Arcane Magic
[Savage Worlds] Strike Force 7 – Savaged!
d66 Ship Names 2
Ápocrypha – Myths of the World


  25 Responses to “Midnight Post: Help Haiti, Get $1400 free”

  1. The response had been amazing! I forgot to turn off email sales notifications and woke up to over 700 emails just from the last 5 hours. I’m glad to have put in HMP’s and OBE’s grain of sand to help out.

    • Absolutely true. And I’m pleased to see you dropped the Purifiers in there — not only is the bundle for a good cause, but it’s also a good way to maybe get a few more people looking at something they hadn’t. Perfect fusion of altruism and self-interest, if you ask me. 🙂

    • I chose the Purifiers specifically because I recall you mentioning it a couple times that it was a good product that did not get the deserved reach. Well, it’s getting it now! 🙂

  2. […] Fred Hicks has the complete list. […]

  3. The only bad thing right now is it looks like there server’s are getting pummeled. I can’t get there to finish my purchase. Looks like it all went through but I can’t start my dl’s yet… Time to hurry up and wait… Still good cause and good deal!

  4. Do you know if this is a today-only offer? I really want to get this, but the DTRPG website is almost completely unresponsive right now.

  5. Someone who reads this blog probably knows more about RPGNow.com than I, so I hope you don’t mind if I ask a question here. It’s been affecting my buying habits for years.

    So I’ve avoided RPGNow since I made purchase years ago and ever since I’ve received mountains of spam (104 in the last 30 days) on the email address that was created just for them and no one else had.

    So was that a fluke or in the past or does RPGNow sell email addresses to spammers?

    I’d like to be able buy stuff from them, but I can’t in conscience support a company that enables spammers. Is this experience unique to me?

    • Honestly I don’t know. I’m pretty sure they don’t sell the addresses, and even my “unadvertised” accounts can get spammed after a while. The age of an email address seems more indicative of the likelihood of it being spammed. 🙂

      I’d be inclined to call fluke, but I’m inclined to be charitable, so, grain of salt.

    • As someone who has done Customer Service work for OBS, I can tell you that no, they do not sell their email lists to anyone.

      Like Fred, I get spam on unadvertised accounts. I think it speaks more to the spammers’ abilities than anything else.

    • I receive email for the whole domain, so this was much more than background noise.

      I guess this is a good opportunity to run a second experiment and see what happens.

    • Nephlm,

      My last order was from 1/5/04 and I had a spam problem also. I do the same and make a unique e-mail for each site from one of my domains. I don’t recall ever getting as bombarded as you, but it looks like I set that address to bounce at the beginning of July ’08 and changed the e-mail on file with RPGNow. After a year and a half, I don’t recall ever receiving a single spam to the new address on file. I’ve got a feeling it was probably some malware harvesting addresses or something like that.

      I’d say now is a great time to give them another shot. I wasn’t boycotting due to the spam, I just haven’t been playing any pen and paper RPGs for years. Maybe looking over these new acquisitions will inspire me to dust everything off and start playing again.

  6. This is a magnificent idea. Kudos to the creators and RPGNow/DriveThruRPG for making it happen. And sympathies on the crashing servers, as it all seems to have stalled for the time being.

  7. This is embarrassing, but I can’t find the link to the megabundle product, now that I have my code. Do I have to add each component product to my cart and then check out, or am I missing something?

  8. […] freholy! This is a steal. My gosh. Here is a link to Fred’s blog with the details. […]

  9. I picked up on reading you since joining in on the Dresden waiting game and enjoy your writing quite a bit. Aside from the wonderful recipes and insight into the publication side of the industry, I’m so glad I happened to check your page this morning.

    I was already planning on making a donation to the Red Cross Haiti Relief fund at work today, but hearing about this brought such a huge grin to my face! Seriously, Wow!!! For so many publishers to throw down like that–and so quickly to boot–what a showing of gamers ready to go! And because we know how hard you guys work to get each and every potential PDF/print sale, your donation today means so much more than the $20 that we each tossed in.

    So the DWoB got my $20 via DTRPG (though it’s hard to see it as a donation for me when I end up with so many interesting books and resources to explore). The Red Cross still got my check at lunch. And because I was in such a damned generous mood all day–and even though my gaming budget’s been on hiatus longer than I care to admit–I wandered over to the Evil Hat store tonight and ordered me a little SotC Print+PDF action as an expression of thanks to gamers who work hard to live the dream and aren’t afraid to be selfless while doing it.

    As of writing this, the Gamers Help Haiti count is already over $40k; here’s to hoping the rest of those 2,000+ gamers also find a new publisher to support amidst the Mega Bundle!

  10. […] Help Haiti, get $1,500 in RPG Product By Grant The list is over here […]

  11. […] Como o o site está meio lento processando todas as doações, a lista de produtos até o momento (que pode crescer ainda) está aqui: http://www.deadlyfredly.com/2010/01/midnight-post-help-haiti-get-1400-free/ […]

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