Dec 282009

I always like to get a day of recovery after travel. This past Sunday was exactly that.

Our morning started with a trip to Mayorga Coffee down in south Silver Spring. Christie had gone there a few times as part of one of her moms’ groups, and had nothing but good things to say about it.

Hm, make that almost nothing but good things. The bad thing was that it’s shutting down at the end of the year. Judging by the reactions I got to mentioning this on Twitter (and Facebook by proxy) few people were aware of it. It’s a real pity, too — it has an incredible amount of space, and reportedly did a good job of supporting the local arts and so on. (I also heard through Twitter that there had been an occasional Wits & Wagers gathering there.)

But then construction happened. It took a while to happen and rerouted a nearby road that provided the place with a bunch of its traffic. With that traffic gone and (I suspect, given the big rental banner on it) the nearby apartment building slow to fill with occupants after it finally opened, they just couldn’t keep it going. The silver lining in all of this (which you already know if you followed the earlier link) is that they’re opening a new location in Takoma Park to replace this one. So that’s something. (And better yet, its new location will be right across from the spiffy Takoma Park Co-Op.)

I’d never known about it until Christie started talking about it, and I’m sad to see it go, but glad I managed to visit at least once at this location before the end of the year.

We spent some time there sipping hot chocolate, nibbling on muffins, and sorting through our prodigious number of Christmas photos (more on those some other time). But the kitchen was permanently closed, so we found ourselves casting about when lunch-time came. We headed towards Downtown Silver Spring without much of a plan, but really that’s the glory of DSS — plenty of options for the indecisive.

We settled on trying out zPizza, a place I’d learned about while reading an article on the wall at a local Five Guys but didn’t really know much about. This turned out to be a roaring success, and as Christie put it, zPizza has definitely “gone into our rotation”. We split a small Tuscan pizza (I really enjoyed it, and Christie did too but asked for some marinara sauce to dip it in) and a ZBQ salad (which Christie rightly noted as having me written all over it). Very satisfying for a quick, small lunch, and within line of sight of the Majestic Theater, so it’s something to keep in mind whenever we manage to make it out to the movies next (you know, in 2013 or so).

And as she proved over Thanksgiving and Christmas, Evie remains a ridiculously easy baby to take on outings and bring into unfamiliar locations. She doesn’t fuss much, and spends most of her time alternating between joyful and solemn concentration.  Good, good kid.  We’re very lucky.

All in all exactly the sort of lazy Sunday I was looking for, without realizing that this was how to make it happen.


  6 Responses to “Sunday Family Outing”

  1. Your Zen approach yielded proper Zen results (Zensults?). Rock on, and many happy Sundays to you.

  2. Re: Evie. That’s how she tricks you into giving her a sibling. Trust me. I speak from experience.

    • Oh, we’re wise to it. 🙂

    • Seriously. I have a very mellow first child and a…different second child. 😉 The first one (almost 6) goes with the flow and is the observer (not The Observer). The second one (almost 4) rages against the world and will let you know when things are not Her Way. As parents, our job is to to beat the sociopathic tendencies out of them (er, did I say out out loud?), but with two headstrong parents, I am not that surprised we got a headstrong child.

      It will be lovely when the younger child is in her twenties. Nothing will stop her. It’s just difficult _now_. 🙂

  3. Man, that sucks re: Mayorga – I used to spend a LOT of time there when I lived in SS (though the service was often a bit surly). Baltimore has made similar mistakes – they took so long to rebuild the streets as a part of “revitalizing” the neighborhood north of Penn Station that at least two of the businesses they were ostensibly trying to help shut down because a year of decreased traffic from construction had driven them into bankruptcy.

  4. I’d made a mistake earlier when mapping the new location. I’d googled 314 Carroll Ave. Takoma Park, MD instead of 314 Carroll Ave Washington, DC. Not too far away, only a mile, but it makes a bit of a difference. It will be across from the metro station instead of across from the co-op.,+dc&sll=43.235342,-96.260852&sspn=30.46135,56.513672&ie=UTF8&ll=38.97716,-77.014332&spn=0.014946,0.027595&z=15

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